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Making your website GDPR compliant in simple terms.

What is this GDPR all about? GDPR (general data protection regulation) is an EU regulation (yes it will still effect the UK when we leave the EU). It’s all about protecting data you receive or store, and this includes websites internal databases CRM’s and emails. If you have the time to read the full GDPR document here it is. It’s not as exciting as reading a Harry Potter novel, and certainly won’t start a movie franchise, but it is important.…

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Small business web

Does your small business need a website?

You may think not, and to be honest you are not alone. About 60% of small business don’t according to a survey made last year. Common reasons why are: We don’t need one What’s the point? It is too difficult to set up Far too expensive If you are one of the 60% here is why you may want to reconsider. Why you need a website Your customers will most probably expect you to have one. Most people now search…

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Why you need responsive website design

1. We are all now mobile. 50% of website searches are made via tablets and mobile phones. Your website should display perfectly on all devices for good user experience. If your website is unresponsive, the user will go to your competition and you will lose out on business. Research shows the average users just takes 4 seconds to catch your potential clients attention. Having a responsive website design, looking good and downloading fast is imperative to your website success. Responsive…

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Ipad showing statistics of SEO

The basics of local SEO

Do you have a nice looking website? Are your contact details and services displayed? It’s live on the internet? Are you getting enquiries? If not, why is this? You may have paid someone pots of money to make your business look good on line, or you may have a friend who is quite handy building websites. It’s a start, but without SEO it’s pointless. No one is going to find you when searching for your services. SEO, or search engine…

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