1. We are all now mobile.

50% of website searches are made via tablets and mobile phones. Your website should display perfectly on all devices for good user experience. If your website is unresponsive, the user will go to your competition and you will lose out on business.

Research shows the average users just takes 4 seconds to catch your potential clients attention. Having a responsive website design, looking good and downloading fast is imperative to your website success.

Responsive website pricing.
2. One website update for all devices.

In the past you needed two websites to be seen on all devices. A desktop and a mobile version needed to be updated separately. Not anymore, now you only need to amend one website, keeping it consistent on all platforms.

3. Social media.

Increase you visitors via social media. Everyone uses apps on their phones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the most popular social media apps.  It is important to make sure your business is using these platform where users click through to external links.

4. Be Google friendly.

Google loves responsive website design; it will show up higher in searches. Google searches are all about content and usability.

5. 24/7 on-line shopping.

In recent years on line shopping has increased via mobile phones, with users making purchases while out and about. It is much quicker than starting up your computer, and purchases can be made outside of the home, where ever there is an internet connection.

Don’t lose the sale by not having a responsive website design.

6. Looking to the future.

No one knows what the future holds for technology, in the last few years we have seen smart phones come into the mainstream, and the use of tablets to search the web at home. What ever comes next, don’t be left behind.  Make sure your website gives the best reflection of business.

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